1. I’ve been trying to update my site with my latest work more often.

    Password: liza

  2. My brilliant friend and fellow creative William Sawyer created a Beyoncé soundboard and let me help design it. It’s the least we could do to honor the best album of all times. Go play with it at www.soundboardt.com.

  3. I Do My Songs. 2013.

    My annual album cover design for my top 20 tracks of the year.

  4. 28

  5. Vanny’s Ranch


  6. Everyone needs to follow my sister’s brilliant project “What’s on Your Mind?”

  7. View my whole series at EMOJI IRL. LOL.

  8. Pattern de Nautical

  9. White on White

  10. My flower girl.

  11. Glit Split.

  12. Purp Head

  13. Did a photo shoot // Leopard on Leopard on Leopard

  14. Campin’ Illustrations

  15. Gus // The most beautiful pup I know.